Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fifty West |Rum Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout | The Ghost of Imogene

Every once in a while a beer comes along that reminds you why you first fell in love with craft beer. Most of us probably remember the beer that set it all into motion. Despite having tried so many different beers, there will always be room for a beer that takes everything to another level.

Last night, that beer for me was a rum barrel aged Russian imperial stout called The Ghost of Imogene. 

Named after a woman who was shot in 1927, Imogene Remus was suppose to be watching after her husband's illegal whiskey distilleries while he was in jail. George Remus came home to find he had been betrayed by Imogene. With the help of a federal agent who was responsible for putting Remus behind bars, Imogene and Franklin Dodge sold all of Remus's belongings and distilleries. After leaving the court house to file for divorce, Imogene was shot by her revenge hungry husband. Remus went to the police station to turn himself in and claimed to have lost the gun he used in the murder of his wife. In early October, you can visit the ghost of Imogene. Rumor says she's been spotted several times in a long black dress.

I'm not entirely sure what came first, the beer, or the name. Either way, this beer has all the dark thick plot twists of the story behind its name. There is a romance between the sweet and oaky aromas. The first sip coats your entire mouth like silky dark chocolate. The heat and spice in your sinuses of the rum give this beer a shot of something to be taken vey seriously. Now that you respect the beer, it finishes by lingering in your mouth with oaky and dark fruit tones. I picked up notes of dark grape used in a very distinct red wine.
The label art is beautiful, intriguing and unique without being "trendy" or over done. That's something I think we can agree all Cincinnati breweries have done very well.
If you were lucky enough to score a bottle, let me know what you thought about it by leaving us a comment. This is a great conversation beer. I'm DYING to hear what other people have to say.
Sorry, Imogene. Too soon?
Rest in  peace, Imogene. That was kind of bitchy of you to sell all of your husbands whiskey distilleries, but I think your husband may have over reacted a bit.
I'll write short post about how the Whiskey aged version compares to this one.
Until then, Stay buzzed Cincinnati.

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