Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Night Shift Limousine

We mentioned in our previous post that we would be writing about a unique and totally kick ass way to tour Cincinnati breweries. We received a couple emails about the mention and promised to write sooner than later. It's a company called Night Shift Limousine. They give Brewery Tours, Winery Tours and special events. Now, this is not your typical limousine. Your tour will be guided in a 6 person, renovated Hearse. Yes, a Hearse. While visiting Bad Tom Brewing, we watched as six men stumbled into the tap room. They all had the same thing to say about their tour. Pure Awesome. They were having a great time. The hearse was loaded up with snacks and drinks. We walked outside to get a look at this strange ride. Brad, the driver and owner of Night Shift Limousine, met us and gave us a quick tour. One look inside and we decided...this is ABSOULTELY going on the Jerks list of things to do this summer.



 Brad explained the pricing and the different tours and told us business is going well. Personally, I think it would be exponentially kick ass to rent this baby for Halloween. Slap on some fake blood and have Brad drive us around so we can stumble through breweries? YES.

 I took some pricing information about the brewery tours straight off of the website.

513-685-LIMO (5466)

 (That champagne bottle can easily be replaced with a growler.)

The Craft Brewery Tour is available on Friday evenings starting between 5:00 -6:30PM, Saturdays at Noon and between 4:30 -6:30 PM, Sundays at 12:30 PM.  We spend approximately 45 minutes at each of the 3 breweries we visit. Each person gets an average of about a pint of beer at each brewery. The size and number of tastings varies with each brewery. For example, some breweries will be six - 3 ounce tastings, another might be four - 4 ounce tastings and another might be three - 5 ounce tastings or even four - 5 ounce tastings. All together each person willl get about 48 ounces of premium craft beer.
A group of six can visit 3 breweries for $54 per person.
Group of 6 for $324 - $54 per person
Group of 4 for $284 - $71 per person
One couple for $250 - $125 per person

The tour meets in the parking lot of the Anderson Town Center. Other locations for pickup and drop off can be arranged, simply call or email with the address and we will let you know if it is possible and if there is an additional charge. Certain restrictions may apply.
Breweries on the tour include:
Bad Tom Brewing, formerly Double Barrel Brewing
Mad Tree Brewing
Mt. Carmel Brewing Co.
Listermann and Triple Digit Brewing
Rivertown Brewing Co.
50 West Brewing


 I'm sure you can find 5 other friends who would spend $54 bucks to get driven around to breweries and get 48 ounces of delicious craft beer. You guys can pitch in and buy a growler, fill it, and drink it between breweries...and VOILA.. you're a hearse...with your buddies.

So call Brad and reserve a night. May is Chickow month at Triple Digit. I suggest going there on your tour. Load a growler up with your favorite Chickow and be on your way.

I said Chickow too many times and just got droll on my friggin keyboard.
513-658-LIMO (5466)


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  1. The company is giving out bottles of champagnes and other freebies to marriage ceremony couples and birthday celebrants.